Forget Me Not: A Glimpse into the Future?


This book was like if “In Time” crossed over to “Running Out of Time” (did y’all ever read that in Elementary school? Just me?) and sprinkle clones (but not #CloneGirl) in there. At first, I thought of “Girl A” where this is a survival story. But I realized Forget Me Not was much more complex with more thriller and mystery than any of those above referenced. I am really enjoying this futuristic sci-fi thriller genre lately, and this is one I am going to recommend.

Side note, there’s a lot of social media and how having it so accessible really isn’t the best thing in the world. There’s a part where Linda leaves her sheath (it basically makes your Apple Watch look like the Nokia you had snake on), and she’s trying to access her bank account. She doesn’t know her username and password and can’t reset her password because she doesn’t know her email password because it’s all on her sheath. I wasn’t supposed to laugh, but I completely laughed because.. same. I really stepped back and realized how much I rely on automation for instant gratification.

I enjoyed the premise as it was something completely fresh and unique. I enjoyed the VR aspect as sometimes I did not understand if it was real or fake. Seeing Linda evolve from a manufactured being to an actual human was a nice subplot.

Here’s my issue. We have to stop making women with mental health issues the bad guys and making that a valid explanation for their atrocities. Lorelei is “unhinged” and “not well”. Arthur says he believes her mother’s bipolar disorder may have “triggered something” by the death. I could have done without that. Il

Overall, I really enjoyed this different take on a subject. It was so refreshing to read a different type of story. Thank you Penguin and NetGalley for the copy. Forget Me Not is out now.

TW: Graphic story of a school shooting.

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